Welcoming Katrina Barnes: Steering Van Kam’s Nanaimo Terminal into the Future

April 30, 2024


Van Kam Freightways is proud to welcome Katrina Barnes as the new Terminal Manager at our Nanaimo terminal. Katrina steps into this role equipped with a dynamic blend of experience from various leadership positions outside the logistics sector, bringing fresh insights that promise to drive innovation and enhance our operations at one of our key terminals.

The Logistics Appeal

Katrina was drawn to the logistics industry for its vital role in keeping the cogs of daily life turning. She is fascinated by the orchestrated precision required to ensure that essential supplies like food, medical equipment, and construction materials reach their destinations on time. “This industry is the backbone of everyday life, ensuring that the goods we often take for granted are available when and where needed,” Katrina explains. Her goal at Van Kam is to leverage her cross-industry insights to elevate the terminal’s operations and exceed the expectations set for her team.

Fostering Team Success

Leading her team to success is what Katrina looks forward to the most in her new role. She values her team’s collective effort and believes in nurturing their development as a pathway to achieving broader operational goals. Katrina emphasizes the importance of unity and teamwork in reaching these milestones, “When the team succeeds together, it not only enhances our performance but also builds a stronger, more connected workforce,” she states. By fostering a collaborative environment, she aims to maximize her team’s potential and drive significant improvements in productivity and satisfaction.

A Leader Who Listens

One of Katrina’s first initiatives is to deepen her team’s communication lines, encouraging openness and collaborative problem-solving. “My key focus is on communication. I’m here to listen and empower every team member to voice their thoughts on how we can improve,” she remarks. This approach boosts morale and fosters a sense of ownership and pride among staff, which is crucial for a productive workplace.

A Day with Katrina

Katrina’s days are dynamic and involve close interaction with her team. Starting the morning on the floor allows her to connect directly with operations and personnel, ensuring she is attuned to the daily pulse of the terminal. She uses lists to manage tasks and remains flexible to adjust priorities as required. “Staying organized and being adaptable is crucial in this role,” she mentions, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for any situation.

Looking to the Future

Looking ahead, Katrina is optimistic about scaling operations to match the growth projections for the Mid-Island market. She envisions a new, adaptable terminal that can handle increasing volumes effectively. “Investing in our infrastructure is critical to supporting future demands and ensuring we continue to deliver outstanding service,” she reflects.


Katrina Barnes’ appointment as one of our Terminal Managers is a promising development for Van Kam. Her extensive and diverse experience, coupled with a proactive and empathetic leadership style, positions her to drive significant growth and innovation at our Nanaimo terminal. We are excited to see her strategies unfold and lead the terminal to new heights. Welcome to the team, Katrina!

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