Veronica Korotkov Joins Van Kam as Kelowna Terminal Manager

April 29, 2024


We are excited to introduce Veronica Korotkov, who has recently taken the helm as the Terminal Manager at Van Kam’s Kelowna Terminal. With over two decades of experience in logistics and transportation management, Veronica brings seasoned expertise and a fresh perspective to our operations. Her career spans significant roles at Canada Post and Global Container Terminals, equipping her with a deep understanding of national and international logistics.

A Rich History

Veronica’s extensive career began at Canada Post, where she quickly ascended from a warehouse supervisor to a managerial role, overseeing various operational facets. After 17 years of honing her skills in a structured corporate environment, Veronica sought new challenges, which led her to the dynamic world of port logistics at Vancouver’s Global Container Terminals. Here, she gained valuable insights into container shipping and port management complexities.


“Starting in the warehouse and advancing through the ranks at Canada Post provided me with a robust foundation in logistics. Transitioning to the port side exposed me to the global scale of logistics operations, which was immensely enriching,” Veronica shares.

A Personal Homecoming

Veronica’s decision to join Van Kam was influenced by more than just professional growth opportunities; it was also a personal homecoming. Moving back to Kelowna meant reuniting with her family and enjoying more quality time with her grandchildren. “Returning to Kelowna was a significant factor in my decision. It’s where my family is, and Van Kam offered the perfect opportunity to continue my career without sacrificing family time,” she reflects.


Her connection with Van Kam began through LinkedIn, where our  Talent and Culture Manager, Brittany Iverson, noticed her profile. “Brittany reached out to me about the terminal manager position… I looked online at the website, liked what I saw, and then reached out and said, ‘Yeah, let’s do the interview.‘ And we proceeded from there,” Veronica details her initial engagement with Van Kam, leading to her current role.

Cultivating a Team-Centric Environment

At Van Kam, Veronica values the small, family-like atmosphere, which she contrasts with her experiences in larger, more impersonal organizations. This environment fosters quick decision-making and a personal touch in managing team dynamics and operational challenges.


“One of the things I appreciate most about Van Kam is the ability to effect change rapidly. The close-knit structure allows us to implement improvements efficiently, enhancing our team’s morale and operational productivity,” Veronica states.

Vision for her Terminal

Veronica is committed to nurturing a workplace culture that emphasizes respect, fairness, and open communication. She is passionate about building a team that meets and exceeds expectations through collaborative effort and shared goals.


“My vision for the Kelowna terminal is to create an environment where everyone feels valued and excited to come to work. I believe in empowering our team to identify solutions and seize opportunities, leading us to excel in our service and operational goals,” Veronica articulates her forward-looking strategy.

Advice to Aspiring Leaders

Veronica offers simple yet powerful advice for those looking to advance into leadership roles within the logistics and transportation industry: “Listen actively, communicate transparently, and treat your team with respect. These principles are key to building a successful and responsive team.”


Veronica Korotkov’s leadership is set to drive Van Kam’s Kelowna terminal toward new heights of success. Her blend of extensive industry experience with a strong focus on community and team values ensures that the terminal will thrive under her guidance. Welcome Veronica!

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