Meet Ryan Dewar: Van Kam’s New Surrey Terminal Manager

March 1, 2024

Van Kam Freightways is thrilled to announce Ryan Dewar as our new Surrey Terminal Manager, a significant addition to our leadership team. Ryan steps into this role with a remarkable track record in the logistics and operations management industry, bringing with him a wealth of experience, a knack for leadership, and a passion for fostering team success.

A Journey Through Logistics

Ryan has a diverse and in-depth career in logistics, with a series of challenging roles that sharpened his skills. “Throughout my career, I’ve taken on various roles in the logistics industry, each with unique challenges and opportunities for learning,” Ryan reflects. “Some of my most notable accomplishments include streamlining operational processes to increase efficiency, guiding teams through growth and change, and building strong relationships with clients to ensure their satisfaction,” he adds.

Ryan’s passion is leading and motivating his team to fulfill their potential. He emphasizes his love for managing people and operational excellence. His leadership has not only propelled operational success but also cultivated environments where individuals feel valued and empowered to contribute their best.

Leading with Vision

In his role at Van Kam, Ryan is entrusted with the comprehensive management of the Surrey terminal’s operations. His responsibilities span from overseeing the movement of freight to ensuring the safety and security of the work environment. “I oversee terminal operations to ensure smooth and efficient freight movement and implementing and engaging staff within our company culture,” Ryan explains about his role. His strategic approach to operations management coupled with a keen focus on safety protocols, customer service, and cross-departmental collaboration, ensures not only operational success but also the embodiment of Van Kam’s core values in daily activities.

A Cultivated Work Environment

What resonates most with Ryan about working at Van Kam is the company’s nurturing and collaborative culture. “The supportive team atmosphere and collaborative work environment are what I like most about working at Van Kam,” he remarks. This environment, fostered by strong leadership and a commitment to the company’s Core Values of Develop, Care and Achieve, aligns perfectly with Ryan’s managerial ethos. He appreciates the company’s dedication to excellence and continuous improvement, which mirrors his personal goals for professional development and leadership.

Beyond the Dock

When the workday ends, Ryan doesn’t slow down. His life outside of Van Kam is filled with activities that feed his competitive spirit and creative soul. As an athlete, Ryan engages in volleyball and fitness competitions, pushing his limits and embracing the camaraderie of sports. “I currently play Volleyball twice a week and join fitness competitions yearly,” he shares, illustrating his dedication to fitness and teamwork. His recent participation in the Hyrox fitness competition in LA, a demanding blend of running and functional workouts, shows his dedication to maintaining peak physical condition and his love for the competitive spirit.

Off the court and away from the gym, Ryan delves into the world of books, seeking out leadership and self-improvement titles that offer insights and strategies for personal and professional growth. Currently, he’s engrossed in “The Culture Code” by Daniel Coyle, a gift from our CEO, Casey Henry, that explores the essence of successful groups. Photography, on the other hand, offers him a peaceful retreat, a way to capture and cherish the world’s fleeting moments.

A Vision for the Future

Looking forward, Ryan is focused on leveraging his expertise to further Van Kam’s success while fostering a culture of continuous improvement. “Professionally, my primary goal is to contribute to the continued success and growth of Van Kam Freightways,” he states, emphasizing his commitment to operational excellence and team empowerment. He strives for balance, prioritizing health, creativity, and exploration.

As Ryan Dewar embarks on his journey with Van Kam we’re celebrating the arrival of a leader poised to inspire growth, champion our values, and drive us towards a brighter future. Welcome aboard, Ryan!

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