Back view of Van Kam trailer driving into Vancouver Back view of Van Kam trailer driving into Vancouver

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to unite communities and improve lives. It's the root of what makes us tick and is central to our actions. Whether it's our employees, customers, or the citizens within the communities we serve, we have a lasting impact on their lives, and it is "why" we exist.

People & Community... it's what Van Kam Freightways is all about.

We are transportation experts rooted in our 3 core values

Van Kam Freightways Ltd. is a socially responsible freight carrier that continues to DEVELOP its team members for success, practices CARE for communities and helps local businesses ACHIEVE their goals.


We Have Lift Off!
Van Kam shoots for the stars in everything we do, but we can only get to the stars with the right team of astronauts! That’s why we’re constantly finding new ways to develop our employees into leading successful lives.

Professionally Speaking
We provide a positive and respectful work environment that is safe and inclusive so you can feel confident to bring your best and true self every day! Training and education are also encouraged in our culture; we take great care in nurturing your individual talents and do our best to help you soar higher than ever!

On a Personal Level
The personal development of our team members is something we do not take lightly. We are always ready to support our employees’ wellbeing by offering access to helpful resources that will assist them in their current situation.


Model Citizens
Behind every thriving community are the citizens within it. Van Kam recognizes that we have a social responsibility to support the wellbeing of our employees, environment, customers and communities where we operate. As active members and supporters of nearly 25 non-profit organizations and local charities, we have continued to build upon a legacy of philanthropy throughout BC since 1947.

To the Core
With Van Kam’s three generations of family ownership & operation, family values of caring are instilled within our core. Everything from advocating work-life balance to our employees, creating ‘Green Initiatives’ programs to limit our carbon footprint and treating customers like they’re not “just a number,” the practice of care runs deep in every aspect of our company.


Get a Grip!
Our success is realized through the achievements of our customers. By focusing our daily operations and corporate decisions around their supply chain needs, we work with them every step of the way to help them achieve new heights. If the business world is like rock-climbing, think of us as the chalk powder grip on your hands as you scale your way to the top!

We’ve Got Your Back
Customers rely on Van Kam’s 75+ years of localized freight knowledge of Western Canada, our large fleet of modern freight equipment and exceptional customer service to ensure their freight is delivered on time and in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We are committed to improving and exceeding the standards we set in these areas so you can be confident you’re making the right decision. We pride ourselves on being a company of Integrity for both our employees and our customers alike.