Van Kam highway truck with hazardous freight placards on trailer Van Kam highway truck with hazardous freight placards on trailer

Providing flexible solutions for your sensitive freight and delivery needs


Van Kam transports most classes* of dangerous goods between our direct service points within British Columbia including Vancouver Island. Our drivers and warehouse staff are specially trained - and retrained every 3 years - to ensure all dangerous goods are properly handled.

We follow all necessary spill safety procedures to protect our personnel and the environment. A hazardous waste disposal team is available 24/7 to handle any necessary cleanup efforts.

*We do not transport Class 7 radioactive material between BC & Alberta.


Our modern fleet includes the latest reefer units and heating equipment. These specialized vehicles provide proper air flow and temperature regulation to maintain the quality of your temperature-sensitive goods.

In transit, trailer temperature levels are constantly monitored to ensure your perishable freight is delivered damage-free.


To effectively serve our customers’ various needs, we offer flexible pickup and delivery services for private residences or rural destinations. Our team can also leave or pick up packages from construction sites, malls, private storage facilities, trade shows or building floors beyond the lobby.