Van Kam Celebrates Les Topp’s 25 Year Legacy

April 1, 2024

Van Kam proudly celebrates Les Topp, one of our Senior Linehaul Drivers, who will be celebrating his 25th anniversary at Van Kam Freightways in 2024. Time has flown by for Les, and he credits the close-knit Van Kam environment for his longstanding career. “The team here is like a second family. Working with such good people gives you little reason to look elsewhere,” he shares.

From Uncertainty to Unwavering Loyalty

Les joined Van Kam following the closure of his previous employer’s business, leading him to a crossroads that Van Kam quickly turned into a welcome sign. “When the company went under, I applied to Van Kam and another company. It was the speed and decisiveness of Van Kam’s recruitment process that made my decision an easy one,” Les recounts. This swift action not only secured his expertise but also initiated his long-standing loyalty to a company that felt like home from the outset.

Finding Family on the Freeway

For Les, the open road is a place of connection, a long stretch of highway dotted with friendships and conversations that make the miles fly by. These relationships, built over radio waves and shared pit stops, highlight the unique bond shared by those who call the road their office. “It’s a unique kind of family, one that understands the call of the highway and the importance of a friendly voice over the radio,” Les says. “When I’m on the road, there’s always someone to talk to, drivers from other companies watching over one another,” he continues, highlighting the spirit of unity and support that thrives among the trucking community.

Embracing the Tides of Change

A highlight of his career came when he transitioned from manual to automatic transmission, a transition that represented our attitude to change, and trust in his capability to adapt. “Receiving the first automatic tractor with sleeper units at Van Kam was a milestone for me,” he recalls. “It was a big change from what I knew growing up on a farm, but it’s one I’ve come to appreciate for its simplicity and ease,” he adds.

The introduction of E-logs was another area where Les had to adapt. Coming from a background where technology was not a big part of his day-to-day life, the shift to digital logging was initially daunting. “I’m not big on computers and tech, so when we started with the E-logs, I had my doubts,” Les admits. “But getting used to the E-logs has really made things simpler for me on the road. It keeps everything in order, and I’ve come to rely on it,” he continues, showcasing his ability to embrace new advancements for the better.

Life Beyond the Dashboard

When the engine is off, and the keys are hung up, Les’ life is rich with the joys of family, the tranquility of fishing, and the open road under the wheels of his motorcycle. His commitment shines just as brightly off the road, with his heart wrapped around his family, including his children, grandchildren, and a newly welcomed great-grandchild. It’s this same dedication he carries into his passions outside of work.

Outside of family time, Les finds joy and freedom on his motorcycle, exploring open roads and enjoying life’s simpler pleasures. This passion for riding, along with his love for fishing, offers him a cherished escape and a way to stay grounded amidst the hustle of his professional life.

A Story of Endurance, Evolution, and Connection

As Van Kam celebrates Les Topp’s significant milestone, it’s evident that his story is not just about the miles covered but about the lives touched, the changes embraced, and the unwavering dedication to a community that extends far beyond Van Kam’s gates. Here’s to Les, a steadfast navigator of both highways and life’s winding paths. Congratulations Les!

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