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Welcome Aboard: Jessica Drake Charts a New Course with Van Kam

February 1, 2024

We are excited to welcome Jessica Drake to the Van Kam family as our new Business Development Manager. With her vast experience in the transportation industry, Jessica is poised to enrich our connections across Vancouver, Delta, Richmond, Squamish, and Whistler. “Joining Van Kam feels like stepping into a new adventure. I’m eager to bring my passion for this industry to a company that’s committed to excellence and genuine in its approach to team dynamics,” Jessica shares, her enthusiasm palpable.

Trailblazing in Transportation

Jessica’s career landscape is diverse and distinguished. Her initiation into the industry began at another freight company, where she quickly progressed from operations to inside sales. Jessica broke new ground as their first female outside sales rep, consistently achieving ‘Top Gun’ status. “It’s been about embracing every opportunity, adapting to each client’s unique needs, and thriving on those dynamic interactions that make each day a true learning experience,” Jessica reflects on her career highlights with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

A Family Feel in a Corporate World

What drew Jessica to Van Kam was the allure of a family-owned business that still flourishes in a corporate-dominated world. For her, Van Kam stood out as a place where individual contributions are valued and the well-being of employees is a priority. “Joining Van Kam felt like stepping into a community where everyone matters. The company’s commitment to its people, its familial approach, it all just clicked with my own values,” says Jessica, who has quickly come to appreciate the nurturing and supportive environment that Van Kam is known for.

The Heartbeat of Her Life

For Jessica, life revolves around her vibrant family. Amid the hustle of daily routines, Jessica’s role as a mother to Shaya, a competitive dancer, and Drake, a dedicated hockey player for the Cloverdale Colts, fills her days with excitement and pride. “It’s a whirlwind with the kids’ activities, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she reflects with a smile. Family movie nights, though rare, are a treasured event, bringing everyone together. “These moments, when we can all relax and laugh together, are just precious,” Jessica shares, highlighting the joy these simple gatherings bring.

Travel forms an essential part of the Drake family tradition. Each year, they embark on a journey to explore new places and create lasting memories. “Whether it’s the sunny beaches of Mexico or the exciting streets of Vegas, these trips are our family’s way of connecting and discovering the world together,” Jessica explains. Her aspirations to visit places like Thailand, Italy, and Greece reflect her desire to give her family a taste of diverse cultures and experiences. “I dream of showing my kids the beauty of different parts of the world, making memories that we’ll all cherish forever,” she adds, her eyes sparkling with anticipation for future adventures.

Nature Escapes and Yorkie Love

Whether walking her Yorkies, paddleboarding, or skiing, Jessica’s personal life is as dynamic as her professional one. A true nature enthusiast, Jessica relishes every moment she spends finding solace in the serene landscapes and seizes every spare moment for her passions. “Every time I’m out there, whether on the water or the slopes, it’s like pressing a reset button,” she says, reflecting her love for the outdoors.

One of Jessica’s more unique pastimes is her experience in breeding Yorkies, a venture that she describes as both challenging and rewarding. “I’ve bred Yorkie dogs for a few years, but I’m taking a break right now,” Jessica shares. “I might get back into it when our newest pup is a bit older, around two years old. It’s been both a challenging and fun experience,” she adds. Her home is currently a bustling hub of animal activity, with three Yorkies – Gizmo, Presley, and the newest addition, a seven-month-old named Martini – and two cats, Nixon and Luka.

Setting Sights on Success

As Jessica forges her path with Van Kam, her professional goal is ambitious yet grounded – to expand her territory significantly while weaving the fabric of strong team dynamics and customer relationships. “I’m here to grow, to learn, and to contribute to Van Kam’s story of success,” Jessica states with determination. Her story with us is just beginning, and we anticipate a journey marked by achievements and enriched by the relationships she builds. Welcome to the team, Jessica; we’re excited about the road ahead!

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