Half a Decade of Championing Youth with KidSport

April 1, 2024

Over the past five years, Van Kam Freightways has proudly partnered with KidSport, supporting young athletes in overcoming financial hurdles to pursue their sports passions. At Van Kam, we’re driven by a profound commitment to making a lasting impact on everyone we touch, from our employees and customers to the broader communities we serve. KidSport’s mission echoes our own, fostering communities through sports, much like we nurture communities through our services.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Champions

At the heart of our partnership with KidSport is a mutual belief that all kids should get to play sports. “What really matters to us, what shows us we’re making a difference, is seeing the kids light up with joy and grow stronger. That’s the real reward,” says Lenore Henry, our Co-Director of Charities & Donations. This is what continues to fuel our collaboration, making every effort and contribution deeply meaningful. Beyond the physical benefits, our joint efforts also nurture essential life skills in these young individuals, including teamwork, perseverance, and leadership, making our contribution far-reaching and deeply impactful.

Five Years of Making a Difference

The half-decade milestone of our collaboration with KidSport highlights the significant strides we’ve made together in community support and engagement. “Over these five years, our sustained backing has allowed us to see firsthand how sports can transform children’s lives, leaving an indelible mark on their development and the fabric of our community,” Lenore says, reflecting on this milestone.

Joining Forces for Good

Our celebration of this five-year milestone is also an invitation to like-minded organizations. We’re eager to extend our network of partnerships to amplify our impact and champion the values we hold dear. By collaborating, we can create a more inclusive, supportive, and dynamic community, ensuring a more vibrant future for everyone.

Our journey with KidSport reflects our deep-rooted commitment to fostering positive change and nurturing the potential in every child. We are excited to continue this fulfilling journey, supporting KidSport’s mission and enriching the lives of countless young athletes for years to come.

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