Welcoming Amarta Chowdhury, Van Kam’s New Claims Supervisor

October 31, 2023

Meet Van Kam’s new Claims Supervisor, Amarta Chowdhury, a man whose roots in logistics run deep. As a child, he would often join his father on visits to the bustling ports of his hometown in India. “Those early visits with my dad were mesmerizing. The sight of ships and trucks moving cargo from one place to another sparked a curiosity in me that has never faded,” Amarta fondly recalls.

Fast forward to now, and he’s still in the world of logistics, a turn of events he calls a “happy coincidence.” Amarta initially kicked off his professional journey as a Procurement Engineer in India. Seeking further specialization, he moved to Canada to study International Supply Chain Management. Post-graduation, he worked as an Import and Claims Coordinator before joining our team at Van Kam.

The Van Kam Chapter

What drew Amarta to Van Kam was more than just the job description; it was our forward-thinking attitude. “From my first interview, I sensed Van Kam wasn’t just coasting. We have a clear vision for the future and aren’t afraid to innovate,” he says. The autonomy given to him from day one was another selling point. “They’ve entrusted me with the responsibility of shaping our claims management process, which is both challenging and rewarding,” he adds.

His role isn’t confined to just processing claims; it extends to enhancing the customer experience and even dabbling in tech. He’s spearheading the transition of the claims process to a more streamlined, tech-savvy system. “Implementing new tech solutions isn’t just about making my day-to-day easier. It’s about improving our overall teamwork and efficiency,” he points out.

Learning from Legends, Leading the Future

Stepping into the role of Claims Supervisor at Van Kam is more than just a new job for Amarta; it’s a defining moment in his career. “Being surrounded by so much experience is incredible. I’m eager to soak up all the wisdom I can from those who’ve been in this industry for years,” he says. And he’s not just absorbing this knowledge for himself; he’s putting it to immediate use. His focus is on leveraging that wisdom to enhance our customer interactions and streamline claims processes, all in the name of driving Van Kam’s ongoing success.

From Sunsets to Soundtracks

After a challenging day of managing claims and innovating processes, Amarta has his unique ways to unwind and recharge. “There’s something magical about a sunset. It’s like putting a beautiful full stop to the day,” he explains. And when he’s not on a quest for the perfect twilight scene, he’s hitting the hiking trails to connect with nature.

The outdoors isn’t Amarta’s only sanctuary. Whether it’s listening to classic rock from the ’70s and ’80s, to embarking on food adventures, Amarta knows how to find balance. “Music takes me to a different world, one where I’m completely at ease,” he shares. And when life gets tough? A hearty laugh is his best medicine. “It lightens everything up,” he adds.

A Future Full of Promise

As he settles into his new role, one thing is clear: our Claims Supervisor is a man of action, both on the job and in life. With a blend of old-school wisdom and a fresh perspective, he’s geared up to make a positive impact at Van Kam. Welcome to the team, Amarta; we can’t wait to see where this journey takes you!

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