Van Kam Raises Wages: Offers Best Linehaul Driving Rate Package in BC

April 4, 2022

wage increase linehaul driver

APR 3, 2022

Our Drivers, Our Heroes

To put it simply, the lifeblood of any freight carrier’s business is centralized around their ability to deliver their customer’s freight from point ‘A’ to point ‘B.’ A key component in successfully completing this process is a professional truck driver. They are assigned dedicated linehaul routes to transport the freight to communities and businesses for an uninterrupted supply chain of goods and commodities for customers to use.

Van Kam in the Top 5% Of Employers

Look, we get it. It’s hard work being a linehaul truck driver! Like any other profession, sometimes it might not feel rewarding enough to pursue or hesitation to switch from one company to another. That’s why Van Kam recently revised its pay structure to ensure that we now have the best Mileage Rate in BC, and are in the top 5% of Linehaul Driver Mileage Rates in Western Canada. Check out the rates below!

Van Kam Truck Driver

Giving Credit Where It’s Due

With 75 years of operation as a Western Canadian freight carrier, Van Kam recognizes that linehaul drivers are admirable and hard-working individuals who deserve the right incentive and compensation. We’ve always considered our drivers an essential asset to our business and the supply chain process. One doesn’t need to look too far back into the past to verify their importance; most notably, the 2021 BC Floods natural disaster. Only commercial freight truck drivers and other essential vehicles were given use of the highways once they were re-opened for limited travel. During that time, the freight they delivered allowed many British Columbians to live their daily lives by not worrying about goods being unavailable for everyday necessities and functions.

Mileage Rates at a Glance

As of this story’s writing, Van Kam offers the following mileage rates and hourly wage – – along with a $5000 signing bonus (see details below):

.50¢ fuel cap
Company Drivers:

Some Van Kam Driver Perks!

Drive in Comfort & Style:
State-of-the-art trucks & modernized equipment that takes advantage of the latest technologies, safety and eco-friendly features.

Work/Life Balance:
As a family-run business, we understand the value of spending time with family & friends! That’s why Van Kam drivers regularly get consistent home-time to balance their home and work life.

Signing Bonus:
We already briefly mentioned this above, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it! Most Van Kam line haul driver positions come with a $5000 signing bonus (cha-ching). The primary condition for retaining this bonus is that drivers must stay with us beyond their probation period once hired… trust us, most drivers never want to leave! The bonus is paid after 6 months of employment; the probationary period is 3 months.

A Website Just for Driving Jobs

Van Kam has a dedicated website for potential truck drivers looking for various driving positions throughout BC. At, potential drivers can search for the driving job that best suits their personal needs. Click here for more info.

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