Van Kam Launches Comprehensive Accessibility Plan for Inclusive Transportation

July 5, 2023

Van Kam Freightways takes pride in being part of the transportation industry that connects people and businesses. We’ve always believed that everyone deserves to feel valued and included. This is why we’re thrilled to share our new accessibility plan, a significant milestone in creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all in the transportation sector.

Our Commitment to an Accessible Future in Shipping

As a part of our commitment to inclusivity, we have aligned our newly launched accessibility plan with the Accessible Canada Act (ACA). Our goal is to ensure full accessibility by the ACA’s 2040 deadline, creating an empowering environment that allows everyone to contribute their best in the shipping industry.

Recognizing that building an accessible culture in shipping and transportation services is a continual effort, we pledge to refine and update our accessibility plan every three years. This ensures that we are making substantial and ongoing progress towards our inclusivity goals.

Consistent Progress Reporting and Continuous Improvement

Transparency is key in our journey towards inclusivity. We will be sharing yearly progress reports to demonstrate the strides we’ve made toward improving accessibility and to highlight the steps we plan to take in the forthcoming years. These reports will serve as an open communication channel with our stakeholders about our commitment and efforts toward achieving an accessible future in transportation.

Accessibility in Transportation – Have Your Say

Our accessibility plan is not just about sharing our goals and achievements but also inviting suggestions and feedback. If you have any thoughts or ideas related to accessibility at Van Kam, or in the transportation industry in general, please reach out to us at Your input will be crucial in shaping our ongoing and future accessibility initiatives.

Ready to see our roadmap for this journey? Take a moment to review our complete accessibility plan. Together, we can make Van Kam and the broader transportation industry a place where everyone feels valued, respected, and included.

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