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Van Kam Freightways Welcomes Brad Scott as Director of Operations

January 27, 2023

Van Kam Freightways is proud to announce the addition of Brad Scott as Director of Operations. Brad brings a wealth of experience in the transportation industry, having spent over 30 years working in the industry.

“I started with Greyhound loading buses and selling tickets, and I am proud of the progression I made over the years moving into a senior management role,” recalls Brad. “Before I left, I served as the Regional Manager for British Columbia, overseeing all business lines – Passenger, Package Express, and Charter services,” he explains further.

Career Highlights 

Over the years, Brad has been instrumental in the operations and success of the organizations he has worked for. He discussed a particular event where he played a vital role in successfully negotiating the collective bargaining agreements at his former place of work.

“I’m very proud of my work on the negotiations team that successfully negotiated the last four CBAs on behalf of the company with our union,” he recalls. “I was part of the team as the Courier/Package Specialist and provided insight and ideas to successfully install new and important language into the agreement,” Brad concludes.

The “Cross-Departmentalist”

As Director of Operations at Van Kam, Brad oversees the operations at all eight of Van Kam’s company-owned terminals. “I work with the Regional and Terminal Managers to facilitate the efficient and productive operations of our terminals, including the docks, our P&D fleet, and all the office positions such as billing, call center, and customs. This includes all the specialty work we handle for our customers,” he says.

Brad also works closely with our Human Resources department on labour relations and maintaining positive relationships with the company’s enthusiastic employee group and union reps. “One of my goals is to continue building a foundation for a more positive and constructive relationship with our union executive and the group of shop stewards in each location,” he adds.

Great People, Great Culture

Since joining Van Kam, Brad has been impressed by the support he has received from the team. “Every person at Van Kam has been very supportive since I joined the team. So many people have taken the time to explain the great history of the company, why we do some things a certain way, and to generally support me as I integrate myself into the company culture,” he says happily. “My team, especially the regional managers, are generous with their experience and knowledge. It’s provided me with a level of support that has been integral as I meld with the company,” he states.

Those Family Values

Brad also appreciates the culture at Van Kam as a family-owned company. “Working for a family-owned company has been refreshing compared to the last 30+ years of working for corporations owned by other corporations. The accessibility to the decision-makers is exceptional, and the ability to make decisions in a timely fashion without having to go through 5 or 6 levels of approvals is so efficient. It’s not what I was used to at other companies,” he explains.

Off Ice, In the Dugout, On the Court

Brad is not just a leader in the transportation industry but also in his personal life, where he has a passion for sports and volunteer work. Brad has dedicated over nine years to the Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey Association as a Team Manager, Division Manager, Board Director, and Vice President. He has also coached his daughter’s softball team for many years, bonding with her over a shared love for the game.

Brad has also represented British Columbia in three Canadian Little League Baseball Championships, played volleyball at Douglas College and coached the women’s volleyball team for three years.

Take Nothing Personal 

If he could give one piece of advice to his younger self, it would be to not take anything personally, but rather learn from situations… let them go, and move on from them. “When I was younger and starting my career, I took things personally. I would hold on to frustration or anger, which was detrimental to me, and it didn’t allow me to be the most productive manager I could be. With time and experience, you come to cope and manage these feelings, which ultimately pays dividends to your personal well-being and work environment,” he wisely acknowledges.

With a well-rounded background and a passion for leadership, Brad is a valuable addition to the Van Kam team. His experience and expertise will undoubtedly be an asset to the company and our people. Welcome aboard, Brad!

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