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Theresa Boyd: Customer Service Manager

August 27, 2021

Theresa Boyd - Customer Service Manager

As part of our incredible Customer Service Team at Van Kam Freightways Ltd., we are proud to announce the recent promotion of Theresa Boyd to Customer Service Manager.

Service Excellence Since 2004

Previously a Customer Service Representative, Theresa’s new managerial position will draw heavily upon her 17 years of experience within the customer service department. “I’m very excited to be taking on the duties of a Customer Service Manager,” says Theresa when asked about her recent promotion. “The core aspects of my role are overseeing & assisting our outstanding Customer Service Team, and ensuring that our Business Development Managers are receiving the assistance they require from our team.”

A “Can-Do” Attitude Like No Other

Theresa regularly assists our Vice President of Sales, Jennifer Dunn, to ensure her day flows smoothly. She also provides accurate and timely KPI reports concerning the sales department. “I work with other departments to make the smoothest transition possible for our customers,” says Theresa.

“I am so proud of the Customer Service team we have.

Wearing various hats and conquering all the tasks brought her way are customary to Theresa. It’s led to her success, and it’s a trait that does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by her co-workers. “From the beginning, since she started as a Customer Service Representative, Theresa always presented a “can-do” attitude and took on more responsibilities,” says Melanie Evans, Human Resources Director at Van Kam.

“I appreciate the opportunities that have been given to me at Van Kam over the years. I first started in Customer Service, then a few years later I moved on to become a Sales Assistant. My subsequent role as Customer Service Supervisor provided me invaluable experience to become the Customer Service Manager that I am today.”

All About the Team

“I love working here because of the commitment to supportive teamwork that my co-workers exhibit daily,” says Theresa when pointing out her favourite things about working at Van Kam. “I am so proud of the Customer Service team we have!”

Something Smells Good!

In her spare time, Theresa can often be found in her kitchen tackling the fine art of baking as she measures, sifts, mixes and whips her way to creating delicious baked goods. “I love to bake!” exclaims Theresa. “COVID has really put a damper on sharing my baking, but I’m looking forward to the time where I can share my creations again. In the meantime, I spoil my family with my baked cookies, banana bread, chocolate cake and muffins.”

Grandkids, Rescue Dogs and Bob’s Burgers

Going hand-in-hand with being an excellent baker is being an excellent grandma. In this writer’s mind, it’s like the perfect combination of peanut butter and jelly, and Theresa is no exception. “I’m a very proud grandma to one grandson named Asher, and there’s a second grandchild on the way who I can’t wait to meet once they arrive!”

“I also recently got a rescue dog named Henry,” says Theresa. “He’s a mixed Terrier, so he’s very energetic! Our new thing is to go on lots of walks in the watershed, bogs and any other areas that aren’t made of concrete.”

Theresa as Bob's Burgers Character

For pure chilling out, Theresa loves crashing on the couch to watch one of her favourite animated sit-coms, Bob’s Burgers. The photo above shows Theresa and her husband depicted as characters in the same animated style of the characters on the show. “My daughter had this made up for me as a surprise since she knows I’m such a big fan of the show,” says Theresa.

Whether in animated form, or human form, all of us at Van Kam are delighted to have her on our team and happily congratulate her on a well-deserved promotion!

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