Ken Pyette – 25th Work Anniversary

August 30, 2022

Van Kam Freightways is pleased to celebrate the 25th work anniversary of Ken Pyette. Ken is part of our fleet maintenance team at the Van Kam head office in Surrey, BC, where he services and repairs our trucks to ensure their top performance.

The Fixer-Uppers

One thing Ken loves about his job is that he gets to work on trucks. “I love working on these trucks, especially the Freightliner brand. They’re incredible machines, and when our drivers come in with a problem, it’s my job to fix them,” he says. “Thankfully, the team at the shop is fantastic, and we help each other out. On a typical day, we can get between two to ten service requests which can be of various types, but whatever the job requires, we work together to resolve it,” he confidently states.

Keep Calm and Learn

When asked how he has stayed at the top of his craft, Ken says the ability to keep learning is crucial for anyone who wants to perform well in his role. “I work on trucks, and these trucks are constantly changing with the times, so to stay relevant, I have to keep learning,” he says. “I’ve also been fortunate with the people I have worked with over the years, helping and pushing one another to be better,” he adds.

A Family Man

When Ken is not busy repairing trucks, he’s spending time with his family. Ken is married and has two daughters. “When I’m not working, I like spending time with my family. I have a wife and two young girls, 19 and 14, so you can say I have my hands full,” he says jokingly. “One of the things I love to do with my family is camping – we love getting away from the noise and enjoying each other’s company. These moments are dear to me,” he affirms.

Gone Fishin’

Speaking more about his hobbies, Ken loves fishing, and according to him, Saskatchewan is the best place to do it. “I enjoy fishing, and while I do fish in the lakes and rivers here in BC, the place I enjoy fishing the most is in Saskatchewan,” he says. Ken’s extended family – brothers, sisters, and cousins, all live in Saskatchewan, so while we here at Van Kam are partial to the waters in beautiful British Columbia, we completely get why Ken enjoys fishing in Saskatchewan more so!

Keep Your Head Down

“There’s a lot to learn, and you can never know too much, so if you decide on what your craft is, you owe it to yourself to take in as much knowledge as you can,” says Ken when asked what piece of advice he gives to young professionals. “Keep your head down and continue learning. The industry might not look like it’s changing, but the technology is constantly changing, so you must stay committed to learning,” he concludes.

Cheers to 25 years of service, Ken! We’re glad you’re part of the Van Kam family and remain inspired by your attitude and commitment.

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