David Lane, 25th Work Anniversary

October 4, 2022

Van Kam Freightways Ltd. is happy to celebrate the 25th work anniversary of David Lane. As one of our P&D (pickup & delivery) drivers based out of our Surrey terminal, David’s primary role involves picking up and delivering freight in Surrey and surrounding areas.

Born to Drive

For David, it was always going to be trucking. He grew up in a trucking household in a trucking community. His father was a trucker, and at 17, David already had a job in a local warehouse. “My dad drove a truck. That’s all I’ve known, and it’s something that came easy to me,” he says when asked how he became a trucker. “I got my first job as a warehouse worker at 17, and a few years down the road, I became a 5-ton P&D driver for a company based in Richmond,” he recalls.

Delivering the Goods

“At Van Kam, my job is to drive, pick up trailer loads and deliver them; I don’t handle the freight like in the old days – the trailer is loaded for me. My job is to get the trailer to its destination safely,” says David, talking about his role at Van Kam. “The team is strong; everyone knows what they are supposed to do, and the management provides the tools and equipment needed to do the job,” he adds.

A Trucking Lifestyle

To David, trucking is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle, and he says no other job provides such an independent lifestyle. “When you’re driving a truck, you get the feeling of being your boss; so much freedom… just you, your truck and the open road.” He elaborates, “Trucking has also allowed me to meet many people from various backgrounds; it has been a unique and fulfilling experience.”

Sport Fishing

When David is not driving, he enjoys spending time outdoors and participating in local fishing competitions. “I love to fish, but I only do it for the fun of it, as a sport with other people, so whatever I catch, I return it to the water,” he says. Although David hasn’t won a competition yet, he believes his first win is around the corner. “There’s a competition coming up soon, and I’ve made plans to be there. I hope to catch something that can win me the competition,” he says (fingers crossed).

David also enjoys hunting with his friends and family, going into the great outdoors, and spending quality time together. “Aside from fishing, I like to go up to my sister’s cabin in the woods, hunt for some food, cook it by the fire with friends and have a good time,” he concludes.

Just Relax

Not precisely his motto, but David’s advice to anyone willing to listen is – just relax. “I tell people to learn to relax more. That’s what I do, even when I’m working. It helps me keep a clear head and make better decisions,” he says as he gets ready to enter his truck and go about his day, completely relaxed.

How can we argue with such wise words? Van Kam is proud to have you on our team, David, and congrats again on your 25th work anniversary with us!

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