Celebrating Gender Equality Week with a Purposeful Donation

August 30, 2023

As Gender Equality Week approaches, a time dedicated to highlighting and advancing gender equality, Van Kam Freightways proudly stands alongside the Atira Women’s Resource Society, reinforcing our commitment to a world where gender should never limit potential. Our recent support for Atira’s initiatives underscores our dedication to fostering equality, empowerment, and meaningful progress.

Partnering for Progress

In alignment with the essence of Gender Equality Week, Van Kam Freightways is thrilled to announce our contribution to the Atira Women’s Resource Society. This organization, driven by a shared vision, extends crucial support to women and families navigating diverse challenges. From providing secure housing to aiding survivors of violence and addressing economic disparities, Atira stands as a beacon of transformation.

“Our involvement with the Atira Women’s Resource Society signifies more than a financial contribution for us, it symbolizes our commitment to gender equality and societal betterment. By standing alongside their initiatives, we’re actively cultivating a world where gender is never a hindrance,” explains Alana Henry Co-Director, Charities & Donations.

Celebrating Gender Equality Week

As we commemorate Gender Equality Week, it is crucial to recognize that our efforts span far beyond a single week. Our alliance with Atira underscores our ongoing journey toward a world where women are empowered, respected, and given the opportunities they deserve.
“Gender Equality Week catalyzes sustained change. Our partnership with Atira is a living testament to our commitment of championing gender equality and nurturing a world where everyone thrives,” states Alana.

Learn more about this society and their transformative work here – Atira Women’s Resource Society

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