Nadine Reaugh, Business Development Manager

March 7, 2022
Nadine R

Nadine Reaugh is one of many impressive ladies working for Van Kam. She is the Business Development Manager for Tilbury, Ladner, Tsawwassen, Richmond, Greater Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and related Lower Mainland areas. This entails generating new sales leads, maintaining client relationships, negotiating pricing, and more.

Baking Up Business

Originally from Ashcroft, BC, Nadine always had a keen sense of business development. She has been in various industries (catering, rec & leisure) before arriving in the transportation industry. She even used to be a bakery manager (more on that near the end) but eventually found her true calling: sales.

“As for sales, I have been in the “sales” side of many industries for over 18 years,” states Nadine. Initially, Nadine was introduced to sales with some friendly encouragement. “Luckily, one of my friends suggested an inside sales job that she thought suited my personality. At the time, I had just left my position as the bakery manager, so I took this as an opportunity to start the next chapter of my professional career. I’m so glad I did because I excelled in the position very quickly.”

Thankfully for us at Van Kam, Nadine’s expertise in sales, business development, and customer service skills are all part of her professional DNA which she exudes on a daily basis. “Once you’re in sales, you never leave,” she says.

Not Always Easy

Van Kam proudly practices equality in its workplace. We are happy to say we have many successful women in our company at all levels throughout our organization. Before being employed at Van Kam, Nadine noted that the path to success wasn’t always easy, especially for a woman in the field of transportation and supply chain management.

“Working in a male-dominated field… some people think you don’t have what it takes because you’re a woman,” Nadine says. She reminds women anywhere trying to get into the field that they have to have thick skin, work hard, and not take things personally. “Just be yourself, and it all eventually works out,” Nadine says.

Family Love

Nadine is a proud mom of two, and three stepchildren. Family is central to Nadine, and it’s what matters most to her in life. As a proud mom of five children (three stepchildren), she’s pretty busy at home, to say the least! She used to be the quintessential hockey mom, except on a more amped-up level where she managed both kids’ teams while their stepdad also coached. Oh yes, and let’s not forget Nadine’s two dogs: her rescue dog Raider, and “big girl” Libby… all part of the family.

There’s Beer in that Bread!

In her spare time (honestly, where does she find it?!), Nadine enjoys hanging out with friends, cooking, and of course… baking! We think it might just have something to do with her experience as a bakery shop manager? “My ‘go-to’ dish is beer bread – – it’s simply delish! Of course I also love baking chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter pie,” says Nadine when asked about what she enjoys baking the most. She also appreciates lovely red and white wines to go alongside with her cooked dishes, but “a Rosé is great too,” claims Nadine.

Contact Nadine

If you have any freight shipping needs, or just want to say “Hi” to Nadine and talk about which Rosé to serve at your next dinner party, please reach out to her at

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