Van Kam is is eagerly anticipating the delivery of 3 Tesla Semi Trucks in the fall of 2019.  Meanwhile at our Head Office and Terminal location Surrey, BC Van Kam has installed 6 active Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, with 4 more stations installed and ready to be activated as needed!

The stations are available 24/7 to staff for free.  Imagine plugging in and commuting to and from work for free!  Anticipating more vehicle manufacturers having electric versions of their cars available, this is our way to support and lower emissions.  The opening of these stations is an important step toward lowering emissions and making electric and alternative fuel vehicles a viable travel option for employees and customers.

“We are proud to be making clean transportation more accessible for our employees and customers. We are proud to participate in the transition to the low-carbon economy.” – Robert Henry – Director of Operations. 


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