Van-Kam Freightways Ltd. is excited to announce the release of it’s new online customer freight management dashboard, Van-Kam E-Services. We are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of our customer’s experience.  Recent updates have improved visibility, efficiency and the timeliness of managing your freight.

Van Kam’s state-of-the-art, simple and secure freight management system is designed to provide the most up to date information available on your shipments.

Business is no longer 9-5 and is increasingly mobile, and real-time.  With Van Kam you get 24/7/365 access to the latest track & trace information on your shipments and all of the related paperwork, such as bill of lading, proof of delivery, DG paperwork, and much more, anytime and anywhere!

Van-Kam Freightways Ltd is harnessing the power of new technologies for the benefit of our customers. Whether you’re on the road, at home, or in the office as usual, the information is available when you want it… whenever you want it. Check out the latest new features to our E-Services below!




Van Kam’s E-pickup feature allows you to easily create and submit a pickup request for your shipments.

Here are some recent upgrades to our E-Pickup form:

  • Save your consignee address info.  Do you have locations you are repeatedly shipping to? Our system automatically saves those addresses shipped to, eliminating repetitive data entry. You can select a past consignee from a drop down list or enter a new consignee and their information will be available in the drop down list the next day. 


  • Save a pickup request and later add to it. Do you want to create a tentative E-pickup but not submit right away as items are being added to it over time? Van Kam now will allow you to create a pickup request and save it for adding items to until complete and ready for a final submission for pickup. Just click the “Save/Hold” button instead of the “Submit E-Pickup” button and the pickup will be saved. The pickup can then be added to from the “Saved/Held Pickups” tab on your dashboard. Super slick and helpful if your building a shipment over the course of a day or more and not yet ready to have the pickup request submitted!




You’ve never had better visibility on your shipments! From pick up to delivery and all points in between!


  • The “Probills” tab shows all un-delivered freight and/or freight that has been delivered within the last 3 business days. You control what you want to see by  checking or un-checking the appropriate filter boxes.


  • Want to search for an older probill or by a different associated reference number? You can conveniently search by BOL#, Shipment#, PO# or PU# number by clicking on the “Pro Search” button to get a complete history!


  • On the probill home page – the far right column, provides the very latest manifesting & status of that particular shipment. The same information our CSR’s look at, is available to you!


  • On the probill home page – the far right column, provides the very latest manifesting & status of that particular shipment. The same information our CSR’s look at, is available to you!


  • Get a 360-degree view of your freight by using our online track & trace system and eliminating time spent calling in for updates.



Van-Kam’s E-services captures all your shipping history including BOL, POD, DG paperwork,  any other supporting documents, and from this portal you can retrieve all this information for your shipment review.

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In addition you can really go digital with Van Kam with these capabilities:


  • Van Kam Freightways provides all standard EDI transaction sets for bill of lading, invoicing and delivery status.


  • If you want to be setup to receive invoices in PDF format via email, just let us know, we do that!


  • Van Kam has an in-house IT department that can produce automated reporting with specific columns of information for our customers.  Movement reports, service reports, real time delivery notifications, lane analysis information, weight analysis information, trailer manifests for your inbound truckloads of consolidated LTL shipments – we do it ALL!




Van Kam has a new E-Quote form that has been updated to be more user friendly and simple to use.

The steps are straightforward:


  • Complete and submit the E-Quote form, it is received immediately by our pricing department electronically. You will receive a confirmation of having successfully submitted your request.


  • An email will follow with a PDF of the quote for your review.  


  • Should you accept the quote as is, you will have an option within the email to schedule the pickup.


The turn around time is quick, and you can easily submit the pickup request and create a BOL for the shipment electronically.  Try it out!



We’d love to help! Please contact us at or 604-587-9826

How to access E-Services?

Click here to access Van Kam’s E-services. Don’t have an account? Click here to set one up!