Van Kam Supports BC Wildfire Relief with Canadian Red Cross

August 23, 2023

For decades, Van Kam Freightways has journeyed through the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia, delivering goods and forging connections. The roads we’ve travelled are more than just asphalt and signs; they’re the bloodlines of a province we deeply cherish. The ongoing wildfires have hit home, sparking a call to action. We’ve heeded that call by initiating the BC Fires Relief Fund, aimed at supporting the tireless efforts of the Canadian Red Cross.

A Heartfelt Initiative

The BC wildfires have affected places close to our hearts, places we’ve served and grown with over the years. In response, Van Kam has launched the BC Fires Relief Fund to stand with our community during this challenging time. The fund is in support of the British Columbia Fires Appeal by the Canadian Red Cross. “It’s more than money; it symbolizes our dedication to BC’s well-being. It’s our pledge to stand by our community,” says Alana Henry, Van Kam’s Co-Director, Charities & Donations.

Why the Canadian Red Cross?

Our choice of partnering with the Canadian Red Cross stems from their exceptional track record in swiftly aiding communities in distress. Their values align with ours at Van Kam, ensuring that our contribution directly impacts those in need. “We recognize their relentless dedication to relief efforts. Their tireless work ensures our support goes where it’s most needed,” explains Alana.

A Unified Call

This BC Fires Relief Fund is our first step, but there’s much more to be done. The magnitude of the wildfires calls for collective action. We encourage our employees, partners, customers, and community to rally behind this cause. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or raising awareness, matters profoundly.

Join us in aiding the cause – contribute to the BC Fires Relief Fund.

Stay informed:

– BC Wildfire Service Interactive Map

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