Van Kam Freightways Supports Youth Sports with KidSport Donation

May 30, 2023

Van Kam Freightways recently donated to KidSport, a significant initiative that works tirelessly to ensure that all children can participate in sports. We firmly believe in KidSport’s mission, which aligns with our company’s values of community, inclusion, and equal opportunities.

KidSport provides vital assistance to families facing financial barriers helping to cover sports registration fees. This ensures that all children have access to the enriching, team-building, and life-enhancing experience of sport participation.

Building Communities Through Sport

“Supporting community initiatives has always been a cornerstone of our ethos at Van Kam,” says Alana Henry, Co-Director of Charities & Donations at Van Kam Freightways. “We understand the power of sports in shaping young minds and fostering a sense of community. Our donation to KidSport is a testament to our commitment to ensuring that no child is left on the sidelines due to financial constraints,” she states further.

By contributing to KidSport, Van Kam is not only supporting the local community but also nurturing future generations who will continue to uphold these community values.

Encouraging an Active Future

As a company deeply rooted in the fabric of our local communities, Van Kam Freightways is honoured to contribute to a future where every child can be active, engaged, and most importantly, have fun in their chosen sport.

“We believe every child should have the opportunity to dream big and work towards those dreams. What better way to do this than through sports?” Alana says. “We’re extremely proud to be part of this impactful initiative, and we encourage other businesses to join us in supporting KidSport,” she concludes.

Van Kam Freightways is grateful for the opportunity to work with KidSport and contribute to their invaluable work. We remain committed to enriching our community and creating opportunities for all.

To learn more about KidSport and its mission, please visit: KidSport British Columbia.

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