Tana Hogan: Celebrating 10 Years and a Promotion

May 1, 2023

Tana Hogan recently marked her 10th anniversary with Van Kam Freightways, accompanied by a well-deserved promotion to Operations Supervisor at our Prince George terminal. Looking back, Tana says, “Working at Van Kam has taught me many new skills and allowed me to gain experience in the trucking industry. I have met so many people along the way that have taught me what makes Van Kam a truly unique company.”

The Van Kam Appeal

Tana was initially drawn to Van Kam due to our reputation and commitment to high standards. Over the past decade, she has seen our Prince George terminal grow with a new building and significant staff increases. Tana has played a significant role in this growth, training many individuals as freight volumes soared at the terminal.

Stepping into the Role of Operations Supervisor

In her new role as Operations Supervisor, Tana will be the driving force behind the high-functioning team at our Prince George terminal. She is committed to the diverse needs of our broad customer base, ensuring top-notch service and maintaining a positive work environment.

“For us to achieve this, I plan to focus on key responsibilities such as assisting dispatch, staffing timelines, and freight management. I’ll also work on effectively delegating duties which will help us continue to achieve a high on-time percentage,” Tana says, sharing her strategy for success.

Building a Strong Foundation

Over the years, Tana has encountered challenges contributing to her professional development. Reflecting on her experiences, she emphasizes the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. “Working for Van Kam has allowed me to build my confidence in using my judgment when faced with new tasks. Each challenge has turned into a valuable learning opportunity, and I’ve made sure to approach every situation with a positive mindset,” Tana shares.

By embracing these challenges and learning from them, Tana has built a strong foundation for her career and developed the skills necessary to excel in her new role as Operations Supervisor.

Life in the Not-So-Fast Lane

When Tana isn’t managing operations at the terminal, she enjoys unwinding with a glass of wine by the fire or fishing at her favourite lake. “A perfect evening for me is pure relaxation after a hard day working in my garden. When the weather is perfect, you will find me harder to locate, as I will be on my favourite lake fishing and taking a moment away from cell service and busy city traffic,” she says.

Making Loved Ones Proud

As Tana advances in her new role, she is committed to personal and professional growth within the transportation and trucking industry. Alongside her career aspirations, she places great importance on her family life. One of her personal goals is to make her loved ones proud of her accomplishments at Van Kam. “When the workday ends and I go home feeling accomplished, knowing that I have represented the company well, it makes my family proud of what I do,” she shares.

Tana Hogan’s dedication and passion for her work have made her a valued member of the Van Kam family for the past decade. As she transitions into her new role as Operations Supervisor at the Prince George terminal, we eagerly anticipate her continued growth and success within the company. Congratulations, Tana!

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Tana Hogan recently marked her 10th anniversary with Van Kam Freightways, accompanied by a well-deserved promotion to Operations Supervisor at ...

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