New Website Launched!

May 4, 2022
New Van Kam website homepage img

All Shiny and New

We’re going all in this year, and why not? Falling in line with our other 75th anniversary commemorations, Van Kam Freightways recently launched an all-new website at the end of April! We’re pretty excited about the new site filled with spectacular images, new & revised content, and an improved user-friendly browsing experience for any site visitor on any device.

A Quick Rundown

There are a lot of cool new things on the new site, but here’s a short list of a few stand-out features to keep an eye out for when you take it for a spin:

  • Revised and secured links to our e-services pages such as e-pickups, e-quotes, probill quick track, and the transit calculator
  • All new ‘quick-access’ icons below the menu area for commonly used links
  • Enhanced mobile viewing
  • Updated NEWS/BLOG page grid
  • New Company Values
  • Interactive Service Locations map

Simply Modern

Design-wise, we opted for a more simplified layout and modern aesthetics. As a perfect opportunity to tie in with our 75th anniversary this year, Van Kam’s brand colours and west coast imagery are woven throughout the site to acknowledge our rich history as one of Western Canada’s leading LTL freight carriers since 1947.

Van Kam website page img
One of the many scenic header images on the new Van Kam website depicting our Western Canadian roots.

Looks Aren’t Everything

It’s not just about building a visually appealing website; providing easy access to our content and blog stories on the site was crucial in our new design. We created an intuitive main menu design that complements overall site navigation. It is user-friendly and relies on natural fluidity and logic as its core elements.

So, is that Final?

Confirming the menu structure before any coding took place was key to visualizing the site and the overall scope of work. The design team successfully created a solid menu to base the upcoming work on; however, we’d be lying if we said none of it changed along the way! Modifications are inevitable in a digital world, and nothing’s ever set in stone… much to the annoyance of our web designers, we’re sure!

Let us know!

Scroll, browse, click, and read your way through our new website, then don’t forget to send us your thoughts at

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New Website Launched!

All Shiny and New We're going all in this year, and why not? Falling in line with our other 75th ...