Mike Bruggen-Cate – 20th Work Anniversary

October 4, 2022

Van Kam Freightways is proud to celebrate the 20th work anniversary of our Sales Manager, Mike Bruggen-Cate. Mike manages our BC sales team while generating new business accounts for our company. “As the Sales Manager of BC, I primarily serve the BC Mining Community and regularly build new relationships within all types of industries. I also manage our BC sales team, where I ensure we meet our monthly goals by providing leadership and training to our team as needed,” he explains.

20 Years Strong

Since joining Van Kam 20 years ago, Mike has shown exemplary leadership skills in various roles. “I started in the freight industry by moving heavy equipment for another transportation company before joining Van Kam in 2002 as a Linehaul Dispatcher. From there, I moved into City Dispatch and eventually worked my way into Sales,” Mike recalls. His extensive experience and commitment to delivering the best LTL services to businesses make him a perfect fit for our company, and he continues to show this 20 years after.

On My Toes

As our Sales Manager, Mike says the thrill of the role makes it so enjoyable. “Over the years, I’ve learnt to expect something new every day on the job, and it has kept me on my toes and ready to act at a moment’s notice; I love that about my job,” he says.

Mike also talks about the team culture at Van Kam, saying it’s one he admires greatly and is proud to uphold. “The culture we’ve built at Van Kam allows you to enjoy your work. The management team works hand-in-hand with employees to create a positive work environment that encourages seamless collaboration across the company no matter which department you work in,” he adds.

Diverse Growth Opportunities

With over 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, one thing he loves is the diverse opportunities available in the industry. “Whether it’s driving trucks, being a dispatcher, working in IT, sales, or other roles, the industry pushes you to grow with many opportunities,” he explains. “People can easily move through the ranks and find roles that suit their lifestyle,” he concludes.

Here for Memories

“I love spending my time with friends & family, and being outdoors creating great memories and fantastic experiences,” says Mike when asked what he loves to do outside work. “I love hunting and fishing with my friends; there’s nothing like waking up early in the morning and heading out to hunt or fish with the guys – it’s always a good time!” he exclaims.

Mike also enjoys cooking, “I love to cook; prime ribs and Yorkshire pudding is my favourite dish, but not to brag, my steaks are to die for,” he says excitedly. Well, that may be bragging, but we’ll let it slide because we might just have to verify that claim and invite ourselves over for his next BBQ!

Congratulations, Mike, on your anniversary, and thank you for all the years of top-notch customer service and committed leadership you bring to our team!

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