Linehaul Owner Operator 50 Cent Fuel Cap

October 13, 2022

With inflation hitting everyone in the pocketbook, from businesses to consumers, Van Kam Freightways is stickin’ to its guns and keeping our fuel cap for highway linehaul owner/lease operators at 50 cents per litre. Yup… you heard us right!

Taking One for the Team

We’re taking this one on the chin for our loyal linehaul operators despite escalating fuel costs at our own end. Whether the price of diesel is $1.75 per litre or $2.25 per litre, you will never pay more than 50 measly cents per litre. We’re pretty sure this should excite all you linehaul truckers out there to keep a little extra cash in your pocket while you drive for Van Kam!

Industry Leading Linehaul Owner Operator Rates/Wages

In addition to our sweet little fuel cap, did you know that Van Kam provides industry leading rates/wages? We dare you to find a better offer than ours! As of this story’s writing, Van Kam offers the following mileage rates and hourly wage (along with a two-stage $10,000 signing bonus!):

Owner/Operator Linehaul Rates:



.50¢ fuel cap

Wait! There’s More

Aside the fuel cap and our industry-leading wages, we offer our linehaul operators even more benefits and perks. Free parking on our secured lots, free truck wash, extended health insurance, and dental coverage are some of the additional perks our owner/operator drivers enjoy. This shows our commitment to the safety of our drivers and their equipment.

It’s a No-Brainer

We’ve been in business for 75 years as one of Western Canada’s leading freight carriers… we know trucking! Van Kam recognizes that linehaul drivers are admirable and hard-working individuals who deserve the right incentive and compensation. We’ve always considered our drivers an essential asset to our business and the supply chain process. Come work for us and receive the pay and professional respect you deserve!

Contact Us Today!

For more info, please contact our Director of Linehaul Operations, Bev Stewart, at 604-968-5488, or HR Manager, Alana Henry, at 604-587-9772.

You can also email us at and view all our current driving positions at

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