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Doreen Cook, Two Decades of “Being Nice”

April 3, 2023

Doreen Cook, our US National Account Executive, is celebrating 20 fantastic years of service at Van Kam Freightways. As the one-woman powerhouse managing accounts for companies based in the US, Doreen has faced unique challenges but has always risen to the occasion. Today, she continues to excel in her role, working closely with a wide range of corporations and exploring creative ways to boost sales.

A Passion for Building Relationships

Doreen’s enthusiasm for her work is undeniable. She thrives on building relationships with customers and learning about their businesses. This deep understanding of her customer’s needs allows her to tailor services specifically to each company’s unique requirements.

“I love meeting new people and learning about the incredible businesses I have the pleasure of working with,” Doreen says. “Building strong relationships is essential to my work, and it brings a lot of joy and fulfillment to my day-to-day work,” she concludes.

Continual Growth and Improvement

One of the reasons Doreen loves working at Van Kam is our commitment to improvement, both for our customers and our employees. She appreciates the open lines of communication between management and staff, as well as initiatives designed to involve all team members in the company’s growth and success.

Doreen shares her thoughts on the Van Kam experience: “I love the way our company is always looking for ways to improve and grow. The collaborative atmosphere makes me feel valued and heard. We’re all in this together, and that’s something special.”

Family, Golf, and Scooter Adventures

When she’s not busy managing accounts and building relationships, Doreen enjoys spending quality time with her husband and her nine beautiful grandchildren. She’s all about those date nights, spending time with family, and strolls with her better half. “We have a lovely home near a golf course in Arizona, where we spend time golfing with friends and family. It’s the perfect way to unwind and bond with our favourite people,” she shares.

Doreen goes on to share a hilarious tale about scootin’ around the neighbourhood with her husband. “We’d hop on our scooters and zip around the streets like we were cruising on Harley motorcycles. We had a blast exploring the neighbourhood, laughing, and enjoying the ride together,” she recalls.

Doreen posing for a picture after another successful ride on her scooter.

Doreen’s Mantra: Be Nice to Everyone

Doreen’s philosophy is simple but profound. “Be nice to everyone. Treat others the way you want to be treated,” she says. This mantra has undoubtedly contributed to her success at Van Kam and her ability to form lasting relationships with customers and colleagues alike.

As Doreen Cook celebrates her 20-year milestone at Van Kam Freightways, we want to express our gratitude for her hard work, dedication, and positive impact on our company. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Doreen and our team as we continue to grow and make a difference in the lives of our customers and our community.

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