Delbert Cochran – 30th Work Anniversary

November 2, 2022

We’re excited to congratulate Delbert Cochran on hitting the big 30 at Van Kam Freightways. Del is currently one of our Dispatchers based out of our Kamloops terminal, but after being here for 30 years, he pretty much does everything. Del is there whenever he’s needed, whether it’s working the dock, yard, or driving the trucks. His dedication and commitment to service are worthy of emulation and praise.

Hard Work and Commitment

Del joined Van Kam as a 5 ton P&D (pickup & delivery) driver and he always made himself available for more opportunities within the company. “I was hired as a 5ton P&D driver, but I also had the opportunity to work with the morning dock crew stripping trailers, which I did,” he recalls. “I made sure I did my work well and my managers started giving more opportunities with bigger responsibilities,” he adds.

Good Place to Grow

One of our core values at Van Kam is “DEVELOP” and it represents our commitment to making Van Kam a welcoming place to work, learn, and grow. When employees like Del acknowledge this, we know we’re on the right track! “The work environment here is fantastic! Good people, and great managers who are ready to teach you, and help you grow. I’ve had a great time here; the management really cares about and rewards the employees. I remember when I hit 20 years, management gave me 6 weeks of holiday, and that felt pretty awesome,” he recounts.

Here for Experiences

Del likes to experience new things, so when he’s not working, he’s involved in one activity or another. “Trying new things has always been my thing and I’ve picked up several hobbies with that lifestyle,” he explains. “I actually enjoy doing them, like fishing, camping outdoors with my family and friends, or playing hockey, though I don’t get to play as much as I want to,” he continues.

Del may not play hockey anymore, but he still gets good exercise cycling to and from work. “I have a bike, so whenever I can, I cycle to and from work, and it’s always a great experience,” he says. “The days I cycle always gives me an energy boost, and my productivity level just goes up!” he exclaims. Thanks for the wise tip, Del. Maybe it’s time for this writer to drop coffee for cycling?

On the Bright Side

According to Del, positivity is key to a happy life and this is why he tries to stay positive no matter what. “I try to always look on the bright side; I’m a very optimistic person and I have a positive outlook on life which I believe has helped me and my career,” he says. “Looking back now, the people I work with have also made it easy for me. There’s amazing customers too, as well as the management for the various opportunities I’ve been given over the years,” Del concludes gratefully.

Thank you for 30 years of loyal service, Del! You’re a major part of our Van Kam family and we’re excited for what’s still to come.

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