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David Huls – 20th Anniversary

July 28, 2022

Van Kam is proud to celebrate our very own David Huls on his recent 20th work anniversary. David works in the warehouse at the Van Kam head office in Surrey, BC., where he works with our warehouse team to move freight along seamlessly.

Leap of Faith

Years ago, in search of greener pastures, David took a leap of faith and moved to British Columbia from Manitoba. “My first run with Van Kam was in 1996 after I was placed there by the union as a casual worker, a few years after I moved to BC from Manitoba,” he says. “By June 2002, I became a full-time employee, and this year makes it 20 years,” he adds with pride.

Brotherhood Values

“Van Kam has always been special to me. Back in the day, our crew was solid; it was such a good time with our smaller crew. We worked under the gun many times, but we supported each other. We ensured the work got done,” says David when asked how the 20-year journey has been. “Though the company is much larger now with many new faces, the brotherhood value still stands; we still support each other,” he says.

Once a Soldier

David hasn’t always been working in a warehouse. “I was with the United Nations military for seven years and spent three tours with them.” He adds, “I’ve always had a sense of duty for helping the ‘little guys,’ so I try to stand up for them anyway I can. The peacekeeping tours were my way of helping these groups of people out.”

Serious Case of Wanderlust

Syria, Israel, Germany, United States – are some of the countries David has visited and lived within. “I have what you call wanderlust – a hunger to travel, and I’ve lived in well over ten countries,” David says when asked what he enjoys doing outside of work. “Some people just move to cities or provinces, and that’s it. I like to go to many countries and continents, and if that’s what I do for the rest of my life, I think I’ll remain satisfied,” he says.

David used to be an open sea diver too, but he had to give it up for personal reasons. “I don’t get to do many of the things I used to; open sea diving was one of my favourite things, but that doesn’t happen anymore.”

Stand Against Bullying

When asked what piece of advice he would like to give the readers of this story, David says, “Never support bullying, and wherever you see someone being wronged, call it out! Offer a hand to someone that needs support; it goes a long way.”

Simple yet practical advice, David! Van Kam wishes you a delightful work anniversary and hopes you never stop being the unique person you are; thanks for all you do!

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