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Celebrating Nileema Prasad’s Vibrant Decade at Van Kam Freightways

November 30, 2023

At Van Kam Freightways, every employee’s journey is unique, and Nileema Prasad’s story is a testament to this. As she celebrates her 10th anniversary with the company, Nileema reflects on a decade marked by personal growth, professional development, and meaningful connections. “It’s been the best experience,” Nileema begins, “The support from everyone, from management to my colleagues, has been incredible,” she reflects with pride.

From Sales Assistant to Leading Two Departments

Ten years ago, Nileema stepped into Van Kam as a part-time sales assistant, embarking on what would become a significant journey. “I started in a small role with just a few hours each day, but I was eager to learn and grow. Each new challenge was an opportunity to prove myself,” she recalls. Her dedication and hard work didn’t go unnoticed, paving the way for her to take on more significant responsibilities.

From Customer Service, where she honed her skills in client relations and problem-solving, to becoming a Rates Auditor delving into the complexities of pricing, Nileema’s journey at Van Kam has been diverse. Today, as the Pricing Department Supervisor, she expertly steers both the Rates and Quotes Departments. With a team of ten under her leadership, Nileema approaches each day with a blend of strategy and trust. “It’s definitely a busy role, but I have a fantastic team. They’re adept at their tasks, which makes managing both departments a rewarding challenge,” she reflects.

Cherishing Family Moments

Outside work, Nileema dedicates her time to her family, especially her children. They share a deep bond and enjoy a variety of activities together. From strolls in the mall to cozy movie nights at home, they relish every moment of togetherness. “We love going to the mall, watching movies together, and enjoying our time together, chatting, and making memories,” she shares.

Movie nights are a particular favourite for Nileema and her family. A recent outing to watch ‘The Flash’ has turned into a regular pastime of following the series on Netflix. “We saw ‘The Flash’ at the cinema, and we loved it so much that we started watching the series at home,” she explains. For Nileema, these moments are about more than just relaxation—they are about creating memories and unwinding with the most important people in her life.

Embracing Opportunities and Looking Ahead

Reflecting on her 10 years at Van Kam, Nileema attributes her growth to the company’s culture of nurturing talent. “Van Kam is a place where opportunities are always available for those who want to take them,” she states. Her journey from a part-time role to leading two departments is a shining example of how Van Kam supports and encourages its employees’ growth and development.

“Here, I’ve grown not just professionally, but personally, too. I’m looking forward to what the next years bring,” she concludes. Van Kam proudly recognizes Nileema’s journey at Van Kam as a true embodiment of dedication, growth, and willingness to seize opportunities. Congratulations on all of it, Nileema!

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