December Holiday Schedule

Start Planning Your Holiday Freight Shipments It’s that time of the year again, the holidays are coming! We know getting your freight to its destination on time is crucial in this period, and with Van Kam’s December 2022 holiday schedule, you can plan your shipments in advance to meet your shipping deadlines and avoid delays.… Continue reading December Holiday Schedule

Road Closures Affecting Deliveries

KICKING HORSE CANYON CONSTRUCTION Please note that there will be road closures at Kicking Horse Pass, which affects our freight delivery in the following areas: Surrey to Calgary Calgary to Surrey Vancouver Island to Calgary Calgary to Vancouver Island Calgary to Kamloops* Kamloops* to Calgary Calgary to Kelowna* Kelowna* to Calgary * includes all towns… Continue reading Road Closures Affecting Deliveries

BC Floods: How We Handle Natural Disasters

Our Crisis Response to the BC Flood As freight consumers, sometimes it’s hard to imagine how freight really gets where you need it, especially during the recent BC Floods. The focus is often on how quickly a freight shipment will get somewhere, instead of how it will get there safely.  Let’s give you some context.… Continue reading BC Floods: How We Handle Natural Disasters