Baking Up Success at Van Kam with Brittany Iverson

June 28, 2024

From making sweet treats to earning prestigious certifications, Brittany Iverson, our Talent and Culture Manager, brings a unique blend of warmth and professionalism to Van Kam Freightways. We’re excited to share her inspiring journey, recent achievements, and the passions that drive her.

Whisking Up Purpose at Van Kam

Brittany’s journey to Van Kam is fueled by her unwavering desire to make a difference. With experience at a national laboratory addressing central science and technology challenges and a non-profit organization granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses, she was drawn to a company whose mission, vision, and values resonated with her. Van Kam’s role in providing essential freight services to communities across the province was a perfect fit. “I loved the idea of being part of a company that is an essential piece of the puzzle in our community,” she says.

Mixing Adventure with Progress

Since joining Van Kam more than a year ago, Brittany has taken on exciting challenges and made significant progress, particularly in recruitment. Along with her team, she has been instrumental in the successful implementation of an Applicant Tracking System, which has not only streamlined the hiring process but also enhanced the candidate experience. “We’ve made great strides in recruitment with the addition of a proper Applicant Tracking System and more focused in-house recruitment efforts,” she explains.

Brittany has been a driving force in developing strategies to attract top talent, ensuring Van Kam remains competitive. Her dedication and innovative approach have made a significant impact, and she is eager to continue working with the team to bring their goals to life. “Every day has been an adventure,” she shares. “There’s still a lot of work to do, but I’m excited to see our visions through to reality,” she continues.

Stirring Up Culture and Talent

In her role, Brittany handles everything from interviews and reviewing legislation to planning staff events and assisting employees with various challenges. “Talent & Culture is about creating an environment that is safe, welcoming, supportive, and fair for all employees while supporting the company’s strategic objectives,” she explains. Brittany sees her role as bridging the gap between people and business, ensuring both thrive.

The Icing on the Cake

Brittany recently earned her Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) certification, a testament to her knowledge and expertise in Canada’s HR field. She pursued this certification to validate her skills and enhance the credibility of the Talent & Culture department. “Having immigrated to Canada in 2016 from the U.S., I found it challenging to secure an HR role without Canadian work experience,” she explains. “The CPHR designation proves my commitment to the field and ensures that our department adheres to the highest standards of professionalism. It hopefully makes us a trusted resource for guidance and support to all employees,” she adds.

Brittany Iverson in her office.

Sweet Passions Beyond Work

Outside of work, Brittany enjoys baking, a cherished hobby she shares with her two children. “My favourite hobby is baking in my time off – something that I fell in love with when I was a kid baking with my grandma in the kitchen and that I now share with my two children,” she says. “One weekend recently, my daughter wouldn’t stop bothering me to bake something and let her help. We made concha (Mexican sweet bread) on Friday, Key Lime Pie on Saturday, and cookies on Sunday,” she continues

Brittany’s baking adventures often result in an abundance of sweets, which she happily shares. “There’s no way we can keep all those sweets at home, so I bring them to the office or send them with my husband to his workplace.” It’s a great way to spread joy and avoid turning her house into a bakery. The Van Kam team is always thrilled when she brings her delicious treats, brightening our days with baked goodies.

Creative Outlets and Unique Collections

Brittany has fascinating hobbies and interests that genuinely showcase her vibrant personality. “I am a huge Lucille Ball fan and have quite the collection of memorabilia—movies/DVDs, snow globes, dolls, puzzles, lunch tins, coffee mugs, etc. I probably have close to 50 items I’ve collected since I was a kid,” she shares. Her collection reflects her admiration for the iconic actress and brings a touch of nostalgia and joy into her home.

In addition to her Lucille Ball collection, Brittany is passionate about various crafts. “I’m big into crochet, cross-stitch, and diamond painting,” she says. These creative activities provide her with relaxation and a sense of accomplishment, allowing her to unwind and express her artistic side. Brittany and her husband also love attending concerts and comedy shows, making the most of their love for live entertainment. Whether crafting a beautiful piece or enjoying a night out, Brittany’s enthusiasm for creativity and fun enriches her life in and out of the office.

Brittany’s delicious baked creations.

Giving Back to the Community

Charity and giving back are hugely important to Brittany. While she doesn’t have the time to dedicate hours to volunteering at this stage in her life, she has found a meaningful way to contribute. “I am a part of a group of women called ‘100 Women Who Care – Fraser Valley.’ We meet four times a year and vote on a worthy charity to receive a $100 donation from all the women in attendance, to donate $10,000 at each meeting,” she explains. “It’s been a great way for me to learn more about various worthy causes in our community,” she adds. Brittany’s commitment to giving back enriches her connection to the community and reflects her caring nature.

Balancing the Ingredients of Work and Family

Balancing a full-time career and family life with two young children and a spouse who works shifts presents unique challenges. Brittany values both her role as a mom and her career. “It’s important and healthy for my kids to see that I have a life outside of them, with my own dreams, goals, and ambitions,” she says. Working at a family-owned company like Van Kam, Brittany appreciates the understanding and flexibility that allow her to be present for important family milestones. “Family is more important than anything else,” she concludes.

We’re proud to have Brittany on our team and appreciate her dedication and enthusiasm. Here’s to many more successful years together at Van Kam!

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