Ashley Hoodicoff – Van Kam’s First Female Terminal Manager

December 1, 2022

Ashley Hoodicoff is one of the many incredible people that work for Van Kam Freightways. She joined the company in 2006 as an Operations Assistant and has now become Van Kam’s first female Terminal Manager in our 75-year history!

Worth the Wait

“Becoming Castlegar’s Terminal Manager has been a goal of mine for over five years, and I’m glad it’s finally happened,” Ashley says excitedly. “As Terminal Manager, I work closely with our Lead Hand to structure the day. Together we ensure that our daily production is either met or exceeded,” says the newly promoted Terminal Manager when talking about her responsibilities. “I do my best to ensure that our customers are kept happy and that our team is happy too… it’s been fulfilling!” she exclaims.

Great Work Environment

Van Kam strives to create an environment where people love coming to work, collaborating efficiently, and enjoying what they do. With leaders like Ashley in place, we can achieve our corporate and cultural goals as she personifies our values in everything she does.

“I have so much respect for Van Kam; the company actively takes major steps towards improving our work environment to make it an even better place than it already is. I’m happy to be part of the ongoing process,” says Ashley. “I often like to think of the team as one functioning human body, each member its own body part, but we all work collectively towards the same goal. At Van Kam, we all make sure no one is left behind,” she concludes.

Freedom and Trust, the Ultimate Recipe

“I love the freedom I’m given in my position and the trust and support from our company’s management team. Ever since joining Van Kam, they’ve trusted me to carry out my responsibilities and take care of the Castlegar team,” Ashley explains when asked what she loves about working for Van Kam. “The company has supported my career over the years; they provide me with enough flexibility to balance my family commitments and my work,” she continues further.

Off to Bali… Soon

Ashley likes to spend her time outdoors in the mountains, her happy place when she’s not working. “I like the outdoors, hiking the mountains, or camping with my family. We have a yearly ten-day “off the grid” camping trip that I always look forward to. It’s nice to unplug and really connect with my family,” says Ashley. “I also love spontaneous weekend trips; hopefully, one day, make a trip to beautiful Bali… my bucket list destination!”

Crushing a 50K

“Many people don’t know this, but I completed a 50km ultra-marathon last year in Canmore, Alberta. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had!” she exclaims. (Whoa… that’s impressive, Ashley!) “Want to know some more interesting things about me?” she asks. I rarely catch the ending to any movie or show because I almost always fall asleep. Also, I’ve lived off the grid for nine years now,” she adds.

Stay True To Yourself

When asked what advice she’d give her younger self just starting her career, Ashley says, “Fight for what you believe, be kind to yourself and stay true to who you are; never compromise! Also, put in the hard work. Don’t give up; the sense of accomplishment you feel for working towards a goal will outweigh instant gratification any day,” she concludes.

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