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Van-Kam Freightways Ltd. is one of the largest LTL carriers in Smithers and Northern BC that is entirely BC family-owned and operated. With 10 company-owned facilities throughout BC and Alberta, we reach more destinations directly than any of our competitors.

We offer overnight service 5 days per week and deliver to nearly every community in BC and Alberta within 1-3 days. We service all types of industries: forestry, mining, food, auto, liquor, retail, oil/gas, chemical, and anything else that you can think of!

Why Ship With Van Kam?

3 Advantages Only Van Kam Has


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 1.  Tracking Technology & Online E-Services

    • Is It There Yet?
      Our drivers use modern, hand-held tracking devices to provide instant transparency and shipment status; plus, we’re a green company, so it’s just one more thing we’re doing to minimize our use of paper.
    • Things Just Got Real!
      Real-time that is! If you sign up for a free Van Kam Online Account, you can get your freight quotes (E-QUOTE) in real-time! Click here to sign up.
    • E-Services
      Even without signing up for a free online account, you can still use our E-Services Center on our website to request freight shipping quotes (E-QUOTE) and schedule your pickups (E-PICKUP) through one simple interface.


 2.  Larger Regional Network

    • 5 Days a Week
      Van Kam offers 5 days a week delivery service in Smithers at very competitive rates!
    • Far & Wide
      With one of the largest LTL freight carrier networks in BC & Alberta, Van Kam reaches more destinations directly than any of our competitors.
    • We Own It
      Our 10 company-owned terminals throughout Western Canada allow us to handle your freight from point to point without interchanging with other freight carriers. Unlike other carriers, your shipment stays with Van Kam at all times!


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 3.  BC Family-Owned & Operated

    • Since 1947
      Proudly Serving Northern BC Communities Since 1947
    • There’s No Place Like Home
      Unlike our competition, Van Kam is an independent, BC family-owned and operated business. Our roots are 100% local to this province.
    • We’ve Been Around
      Over the years, we’ve developed custom solutions for all types of industries and commodities throughout BC. Use our knowledge to help your business succeed!

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Pete Korotash
Business Development Manager – Northern BC
TEL: (250) 613-6890

Van Kam Freightways Ltd.
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Prince George, BC V2N 1X1
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