Hand holding a green pen signing Van Kam form Hand holding a green pen signing Van Kam form

Standard Claim Form

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***All claims subject to investigation and approval by Van Kam Claims Department***
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Freight Claim Procedures

  1. All damages or shortages must be noted on the delivery receipt at time of delivery.
  2. Concealed damage claims and/or claims for damages not noted at time of delivery may be Disallowed by our Claims Adjuster.
  3. Contact your local Van Kam terminal within 48 hours of delivery to arrange for an Inspection. Please do not discard any of the packaging. The inspector will complete an Inspection Report Form and a copy will be left for you.
  4. After the inspection is complete please complete the attached form along with the following Backup documentation:
    • A copy of the original Bill of Lading
    • A copy of the packing slips listing all products shipped
    • A copy of your suppliers’ invoice showing the cost of goods and all associated discounts
    • A copy of the Inspection Report
    • Your invoice to Van Kam outlining the type and amount of claim.


Claims for damage or partial shortages must be submitted to Van Kam within 60 days of delivery. Claims for Loss of the entire shipments must be filed in writing within 9 months. Failure to comply will void the claim in its entirety.

All salvage must be retained until such time as Van Kam has settled the claim. Failure to have salvage available for pickup may result in claim payment being withheld or reduced.

Please be advised that your claim may be delayed unless a complete claim is received.

If filing more than one claim, please issue a separate claim, including all required documentation, for each pro number.

Claims should not be deducted from freight invoices. Van Kam attempts to settle all claims within 45 days of filing.


Van Kam Freightways Ltd. is committed to providing excellent customer service. If you are not satisfied with the service we are providing, please contact Sherry Williams, Claims, direct at 604-587-9784 or sherry.williams@vankam.com