Van-Kam Freightways Ltd. is serious about GOING GREEN and remains vigilant about protecting the environment.

We are always reviewing new Green initiatives, and will continue to implement them as applicable.

  1. All new tractors are equipped with clean emissions technology (ATD) this After Treatment Device replaces today’s muffler. The device’s primary function is to capture and burn off (regenerate) the particulate matter (soot) in the engine exhaust gas.
  2. All trucks’ road speeds have been governed at 103 kilometres per hours to reduce fuel consumption.
  3. Highway units are equipped with an on-board system to monitor and record vehicle speed, fuel consumption, idling times, and braking patterns. Data is reviewed regularly with senior management to make sure driving is done in the most fuel efficient manner possible.
  4. Highway units are also equipped with Speed Gauge® which monitors vehicle speed compared to posted speed limits. Reports are regularly reviewed by our safety department.
  5. All City units’ computers have been programmed to shut down engines after 3 minutes of idling.
  6. Trucks are fully maintained at our company service facilities in Surrey, Victoria, and Kamloops. All of our shops have waste oil, empty oil containers and used filter pick up service through Newalta an industrial waste management company.
  7. All tires in our fleet are managed in-house. Van-Kam Freightways Ltd. is registered with Tire Stewardship BC, a scrap tire generator, whereby scrap tires are processed and used in environmentally responsible ways.
  8. Scrap metals are picked up regularly by a recycling company.
  9. Our new facility in Kelowna (opened Fall 2013) was built environmentally friendly with numerous Green features/technologies. The office portion is built using Structural insulated panels (SIPS) and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) making the structure energy efficient and using beetle kill wood. These same energy efficient and environmentally sensitive features will also be incorporated in the new facility currently under construction in Prince George.
  1. Used batteries are contained and picked up by Phil’s Battery Service for recycling.
  2. Trucks are washed with environmentally friendly soap.
  3. Shop personnel are encouraged to be environmentally aware by recycling and turning off lights and power when not in use.
  4. Electronic Logs and Electronic hand held devices are in use throughout the company to reduce paper usage and improve speed and quality of information. EDI technology is being constantly expanded to reduce the number of paper invoices and statements sent to customers.
  5. We are constantly reviewing new technology and information sources with a view to increasing fuel-efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. One example is replacing tandem-axle tractors with single-axle tractors whenever load weights will allow their use, reducing both capital costs and fuel consumption.
  6. Ongoing program of replacing vehicles in our fleet and trailer pool with the most fuel-efficient units available.
  7. Areas of terminals that do not need constant illumination have been equipped with sensor switches to automatically turn lights off.
  8. All of our printing is done on recycled photocopy paper.
  9. Stand-alone printers, copiers and fax machines have been replaced with multi-function devices in all terminals.
  10. Replacing computer equipment with Energy Star® models during regular computer upgrades.
  11. Lighting upgrade – Ongoing program for all BC-based terminals, replacing all 400W Metal Halide High Bay fixtures with all Power Smart Fixtures. (Nanaimo completed 2010, Surrey completed 2011, Kamloops completed 2012 and Kelowna completed 2013).