Let’s be honest, eco-friendly initiatives aren’t new. Many companies have taken the necessary steps to a more cleaner, healthier environment. But when we’re dealing with an industry like ours (trucking & transport), becoming environmentally friendly isn’t the easiest task to achieve. We have taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint, and protecting our environment. Here are just some example of what we do as a team towards becoming GREEN. 

1. We are constantly monitoring our trucks with our on-board systems to record vehicle speed, and fuel consumption, idle times and braking patterns. This helps us regulate our fuel consumption to ensure we are being as efficient as possible. Our drivers also use electronic logs to reduce paper consumption & save trees!


2. We also ensure our city trucks automatically shut down after 3 minutes of idling. We recycle our empty oil containers & scrap metal. We reuse fuel & antifreeze when possible. All of our materials are recycled by logo-687


3. All of our tires are maintained in house, and we are registered with Tire Stewardship BC to ensure all of our tires are disposed of responsibly.


4. All of our used batteries are recycled through Phil’s Battery Service.Recycle Car Batteries


5. Our new terminal in Kelowna is built using Structural Insulated Panels and Cross Laminated Timber to save energy by using beetle kill wood. What this means is that we avoided 80 metric tons of carbon dioxide which equals to keeping 26 cars off the road for a year & enough energy saved to operate a home for 11 years.

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